Madrine's Story

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Growing up in a polygamous family of 6 siblings and 34 half-siblings, Madrine struggled to find her place and resources to consistently attend school. Her emotional battle with anger is one that almost consumed her as she processed the poverty around her. Her dream of becoming a journalist was silenced by the voices of others.

Now with the support of Ravens, Madrine’s dreams have been restored. She now attends one of the best journalism schools in Uganda. After learning healthy ways to cope with anger she is motivated to make an impact and teach others what she has learned. When Madrine is not in class or studying, you’ll find her serving in leadership roles at school and at her church.

Madrine’s self-esteem has grown over time as she can now express herself well in English. Her social skills have greatly improved and she looks forward to using her media education to influence communities. “In the future, I want to help my mom and I want to help people who are in the same situation I was in,” she explains.

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