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At Ravens Uganda, we raise awareness of the incredible work of Ravens Ministries and Abel Muqanguzi, a pastor and educator native to his community.

We reach out to the youth of Uganda through our weekly fellowship meetings and the Youth Empowerment Program.

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Through the Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) we provide education, food, housing, healthcare, transportation, and discipleship to each student. These youth are living in poverty and at-risk for a future of hunger, crime, prostitution, and drug addiction.

Through weekly fellowship meetings we gather to study the Bible and learn life-skills. Youth do not need to be in the Youth Empowerment Program to attend fellowship meetings. All are welcome to attend and grow in faith.

Once the youth graduate from YEP, we guide them through how to find work, create a budget, and transition into Godly independent living. Their stories of wanting to give back to others are inspiring as they often stay involved in Ravens in a leadership role and as contributors.  

A variety of organizations provide education in Uganda, but the Ravens program stands apart by taking a multifaceted, Christ-centered approach by providing for the holistic need of every student.
— Keith Burney