our story

In 2012 during my first trip to Africa, my husband and I spent time in the capital city of Kampala, Uganda. My life would forever change as the joy of the people captured my heart and I became aware of the intense needs as I walked down the crowded streets.

During our visit, we became fast friends with Pastor Abel Muwanguzi, a native to Kampala. We got to know his heart for reaching the younger generation for Christ while enabling them to move beyond their challenging circumstances to build lives of dignity and self-sufficiency. Abel was introducing these young people to hope.

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Abel and I share the same God-given desire to see more young people receive practical Christ-centered support. It made sense for us to become ministry partners so I started a branch of Ravens Uganda here in the United States allowing more people to generously change the story of a generation.

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This is where your story intersects with theirs! I invite you to partner in this important work as together we raise awareness and funding to reach more young people in Kampala. It is life-changing for you who get involved and for the youth who are given the opportunity to carve out a better life, full of hope.

– Deirdre Martin