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Meet Ashraf

Raised in a Muslim family, Ashraf is one of seven children by the same mother, but different fathers. The family lacked the resources needed to send Ashraf to school to fulfill his dream of going to college. It was through attending weekly youth fellowship meetings at church that Ashraf heard about and applied to Ravens.  Read More




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Meet Madrine

Growing up in a polygamous family of 6 siblings and 34 half-siblings, Madrine struggled to find her place and resources to consistently attend school. Her emotional battle with anger is one that almost consumed her as she processed the poverty around her. Her dream of becoming a journalist was silenced by the voices of others. Read More

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Meet Harriet

For Harriet, every day was scary, especially after her parents died. As a child she found herself sleeping on the floor of a church with her friend Rita. Nightly they would fight off street dogs who would come to the church in search of food. During the day Harriet would apply for jobs only to be rejected due to her lack of education. She was unable to afford an education because she did not have the ability to pay. It was a vicious cycle of poverty. Read More


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