Our Mission and approach

Ravens Uganda meets the spiritual, educational and physical needs of vulnerable young people in Uganda through a holistic approach that provides hope, transforms hearts, and equips them to lead self-sufficient lives. These youth are vulnerable to extreme poverty, exploitation, life on the streets, prostitution, drugs and crime, yet they have dreams and long for an education.

The Ravens model works as it combines provision for education, leadership development, studying God’s word in fellowship, and meeting basic physical needs. We have graduates of the program who give back to the ministry, financially and through mentoring others.  

So, how exactly does it work?


  • Person applies to be a part of Ravens and remains on a wait list until funds are available

  • All are invited and welcome to attend weekly fellowship meetings at Christian Family Fellowship Church that include leadership principles/practical life lessons; bible study and application; building community and a sense of family with each other; and prayer

  • When officially sponsored, Ravens pays tuition for education - either to finish secondary school or enroll in university/vocational college based on desired field of study

  • If housing is needed, Ravens finds and funds a safe room to rent in Kampala, preferably close to his/her school and sets up student with basics of household including bedding and necessities

  • Ravens provides stipend to cover food and transportation needs

  • Ravens insures students receive medical care and medication (most common is treating malaria and typhoid)

  • Upon earning a diploma, youth find jobs and work towards independent living, no longer needing financial support from Ravens

  • Those who complete Ravens program contribute to the ministry through financial contributions and/or their time leading others to become self sufficient

“Here in Uganda, the rich are rich, and the poor are forever poor… there is a huge divide,” Pastor Abel explains. “People do not want to help others, and this is where Ravens stands apart. We want to see a generation of exemplary students transformed by Christ and become responsible citizens leading independent lives.”

Lives Transformed

We exist to change the future of Uganda.
— Deirdre Martin, USA Director