The Story of Ravens Uganda


I had a simple dream of going to Africa before my 40th birthday. God graciously fulfilled that dream as my husband and I traveled to Kampala, Uganda three weeks after my birthday. God designed it so that we would experience Uganda and meet Pastor Abel together as He knew what would unfold years later.

The immediate smiles, hospitable welcomes from strangers, and the dusty red clay and lush trees captured my heart right away.  The mass of humanity on every crowded street in the capital, and the city slums with open sewage running alongside half-dressed children also broke my heart.  The visceral needs of the people combined with their authentic joy and worship left me in awe.

During that week, God crossed our path with Pastor Abel Muwanguzi and Ravens Ministries. We got to know his heart for reaching the younger generation for Christ, while enabling them to move beyond their circumstances to build a life of dignity and self-sufficiency.

One year later, I returned to Uganda and attended Abel’s church, spent time with his family, and met several of the youth being supported by Ravens Ministries. Hearing the stories of transformation in these young people’s lives was inspiring.

For the next several years, I continued to feel a burden to see more young people in Uganda impacted by the practical, Christ-centered support offered by Ravens. Their model of leadership development and studying God’s word together while providing practical support of rent for stable housing, food, medical care, and vocational training is successful. However, their financial support is limited.

I knew with additional resources Ravens could impact more youth and change the trajectory of their future. For over a year, the Lord nudged me through prayer and talking with others to start a non-profit organization to raise the additional support Ravens needed to grow.

It was then that Ravens Uganda became the United States branch of Ravens Ministry in Uganda. At Ravens Uganda, we raise awareness of the incredible work of Ravens Ministries. We desire to prompt people to become involved through giving, praying, and sharing the story of Ravens. Every act makes a difference in the life of a youth in Uganda.

– Deirdre Martin